Welcome to my contemporary art website....

Angela Wilson is a Surrey based contemporary artist. She has taken much of her inspiration however, from East Africa's wild, natural beauty, having spent her childhood there. Her bold and effervescent use of light and colour are seen throughout all of her paintings, expressing her appreciation and understanding of nature's richness and splendour.

Various Media....

Angela enjoys experimenting with many different forms of media, from the gentleness of water colour to the intensity of textured painting. This versatility of both media and subjects makes Angela's artwork appealing to a wide audience, producing a 'something for everyone' collection.

Latest Exhibitions....

Angela's latest exhibition was in December, held at the local art gallery in Bletchingly, Surrey. Much of her current work was exhibited and a number of successful commissions were taken. Sketches, paintings and mixed media scenes were all available to purchase in various sizes.

Caterham Monday Art Club

As well as working from her home studio, Angela is also a member of the Monday Art Club, which is based in Caterham. This club was set up for like minded artists to share their talents and experience and to arrange various art events in the community.

Click here to visit the Caterham Monday Art Club website.

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